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How I Help

Most people don’t realise the importance of legal protections and the need to mitigate their legal risks.

This can lead to financial losses, fines, lawsuits, lost opportunities and other things you want to avoid.

21+ years of experience working with SMEs, regional large corporates (Al-Futtaim, Landmark Group, Olayan Group) as well as global, mega-caps (Amazon, Shell, Schlumberger) have given me an insight into the growth of businesses and their requirements at every stage.

Every large company was once a small business requiring quality legal advice in order to navigate the challenges that come with growth.

Carefully drafted agreements, quality legal advice and a counsel you can count on is key to protecting yourself on this journey.

The services I provide include:

Business formation & structuring

Banking and financial arrangements​

Corporate & commercial contracts​

Joint ventures, shareholders agreements & management structures

Employment & labour law​

Private Client​

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